Weighing My Gains and Losses

You can use this Recovery Tool to help you think about what you might gain or lose if you start Medicaiton Assisted Treatment (MAT). Or, if you choose not to start MAT.

When you are done, you can share it with a provider or others to help you talk about MAT. Keep a copy to remind yourself what is most important to you today.

The interactive tools on this site do not store information. You can enter your information and print out the worksheets and questionnaires for your own use. No personal information is recorded or stored. This protects the confidential nature of the information.

To save your information for your future use, print out the completed form before you leave that page. You can also save the completed form as a file on your personal computer or email it to yourself or someone you trust.

Medication-assisted Treatment

Starting medication-assisted treatment

GAINS if I start

LOSSES if I start

NOT starting medication-assisted treatment

GAINS if I do not start

LOSSES if I do not start

Weighing my gains and losses

Below are your answers to the questionnaire that you just finished. At the top you will find icons either to print or email the results to your provider.