Decisions in Recovery: Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder is a decision support tool that offers information on medication-assisted treatment and recovery options. It is designed for individuals who want to find out about what type of help is available for people with opioid problems.

This site can help them to:

  • Learn about medication-assisted treatment;
  • Compare treatments and explore the options; and,
  • Locate the resources to move forward.

The tool does not replace professional advice, but supports it by helping patients to formulate questions, express concerns during consultation, and make informed decisions.

The material also can be useful to anyone providing treatment, health care, or recovery support services as a patient education resource. The topics above offer information about using this tool in practice, resources and videos, and an overview of important considerations.

More information can be found at About This Tool, including a message from SAMHSA, developers and funders, and a full list of sources for the information presented.