Are you finding it difficult to stop using? If you've thought about cutting down or stopping, this site can help. If you are using narcotics, prescription pain medications, heroin, or any other opioid drug, this site has information about some of your treatment options and ways to locate a provider who can help.

You can also watch videos of people who have been where you are. They found a way to succeed in recovery and reclaim their lives. So can you.

Opioid use disorder is a primary, chronic and relapsing disease that affects your body and your brain. Whether this is your first try at overcoming addiction, or a fresh start after many attempts, give yourself credit for having the courage to change.

The site offers a wide variety of resources on recovery, recovery support and treatment. Although recovery and recovery support are related to treatment, they are not the same and you are encouraged to talk with your provider about the treatment options that will work best for you and your unique needs.